A Long History of Roofing

60 Years Serving the Bay Area

Ernest M. Upshaw established Fidelity Roof Company in 1948.  Post WWII found Northern California full of growth and promise.  The economy was strong, and growth was evident by new construction of homes, schools, and commercial and industrial buildings.

At the time, Mr. Upshaw was manager of one of the largest roofing companies in the area.

After 10 years of employment, he committed himself to establishing a new company.  He recruited a group of like-minded roofing professionals who were: “dedicated to the faithful attention of the roofing needs of home and business owners alike.”

A New Company and Vision of the Future

It would have been natural for Mr. Upshaw to name the new company after himself.  However, he wanted to ensure that his new endeavor was not so much about him, but more about what his team of dedicated employees would provide each and every day to all customers. The creation of Fidelity Roof Company was and still is, the embodiment of the word FIDELITY: dependability; responsibility; reliability; integrity; strength; stability; and dedication.

Fidelity Roof continues Mr. Upshaw’s vision today, third generation owned and operated.