Commercial Roofing

Our Projects and Experience

Over the last 60 years, Fidelity Roof Company has been at the forefront of the commercial roofing industry and has witnessed enormous changes and challenges. No longer is the conventional “tar & gravel” roof the default roof system of choice. Many major manufacturers now include single ply membranes, modified systems, standing seam and architectural metals, and a host of combination systems to meet the varying demands of building departments, regulatory agencies, as well as the myriad of unique conditions encountered on every roofing project.

New Materials

Fidelity Roof Company continuously meets these challenges by being open to new technologies introduced into the market. We also protect our customers by avoiding utilizing products with unfounded claims of long performance or proven track records.

Fidelity Roof actively networks with contractors around the country and in Europe, who act as an early warning system for products that may not perform as claimed. This network of global contractors provide practical real world information.

For a sample listing of systems we support – click here.

  • proposed methods for fixing leaks (non-emergency)
  • if the roof is suitable for repairs in-lieu of complete replacement
  • if the roof is eligible for a long term maintenance program
  • if the roof is code compliant
  • budget and life cycle costs for roof replacement


Solar for Commercial Buildings

With solar technology becoming a standard commercial building component, Fidelity has integrated the installation of solar panels into its roof systems. Our research shows that roof leaks are the most common owner complaint for solar installed systems, and our carefully designed installation methods guard against these and related problems.

Read more about Fidelity Roof’s solar installations.

Commercial or Retail Roofing Contractor near me. Throughout the SF Bay Area and northern California we’ve earned a reputation as the best performing and most reliable commercial roofing, roof re-roof replacement contractors. Commercial to retail – we’ve done hundreds. Our very satisfied local customers return to us for all their roofing projects year after year. We cover San Jose, Fremont, San Francisco, Oakland, (and all cities of the greater SF Bay Area near me). For over 60 years we’ve done superb design and installation of roof systems for retail and commercial businesses – very large to relatively small. Installing a new roof or replacing a roof, or re-roofing is a complex project demanding a detailed study of the many options and engineering factors and, as well, keeping the job within cost.

As the leading commercial roofing contractor in the SF Bay Area (and as well for projects all across California, south to north) we are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in current technologies and the latest materials. Each approach has certain advantages and cost benefits. Also, we are the leading green experts and installers of green roofing systems. A metal roof (several systems) is part of the wide range of choices we bring to our customers. Commercial retail metal roofing systems for Fremont, San Jose, San Jose, Oakland have certain and unique advantages to seriously consider for your project—and we can explain them in detail to you. Call us today to talk over all the established and cutting-edge roofing options we offer our customers.