Emergency Roof Leak Response

Fidelity Roof Company’s Service Department is prepared to respond to any roof leak situations that may arise. Our technicians are highly trained specialists, equipped with the tools and materials necessary to identify and remediate most sources of water infiltration on the spot.

Our Service Teams are dispatched by radio to the location based on two premises; first of which being an individual technician’s familiarity with the facility, and secondly, by determining the quickest response time through the utilization of GPS tracking technology.

The leak investigation process can sometimes be tricky; however, whether it is an obvious problem that requires simple repair techniques, or that non-consistent drip that only shows under certain circumstances, the same perseverance and attention to detail go into each investigation that we perform.

Typically, repairs that are installed in inclement weather are considered temporary in nature. Although many products are advertised for use in wet conditions, proper adhesion is difficult to achieve. In addition, many repair materials are asphalt based which, when exposed to direct sunlight and heat can break down and lose their effectiveness.

All photos and documentation obtained during a leak investigation are kept on file for future reference. In an attempt to ensure that the leak does not re-occur in the future, members of our Service Department will follow-up prior to the summer months with long-term repair recommendations.

Regardless of the type of roof that you have, Fidelity Roof Company is qualified to repair it. Through our sixty years in both residential and commercial service, we have experience repairing each and every type of steep and low slope roof application.